Імя: Wojciech Pazdzior

Компанія: Board Member, Active Strategy

Більше про доповідача: A trainer and consultant since 2003, founder and board member at Active Strategy. He specializes in improving leadership skills and teamwork. Customers contact him when they want to change the style of team management or the atmosphere and organizational culture. He designs and delivers programs for entrepreneurs, managers and project managers. He worked with: Akamai, Allegro, EMC, Infor, Oracle, Samsung, Siemens, SoftServe, Techland.

Тема доповіді: How and what every leader has to learn?

Більше про доповідь: "Every day we face many changes, those in industry, technology, a pace of project implementation or methodologies. Employees are also changing, their ambition, commitment and approach to their boss or work. These days we all see an increasing need to develop leadership skills, i.e. -creating a team, -building organizational culture, -emotional intelligence, or conflict resolution. We will talk about why, what and how to develop leadership skills."