Project Manager, Luxoft

Fresh blood in the FinTech world.

I started my partnership with Luxoft in 2016 as a Project Manager. The 1st project was a very challenging one – rare technology (around 20-50 experts in Ukraine), uncertain client relationship, demotivated teams with tough deadlines. How did it turn out for me? Let’s find out!

Certification: ICP, ICP-ATF, ICP-BVA, ICP-APM, CSM, SAFe 4.5 Certified Agilist.

Presentation Topic: Who said it would be easy? The way of padawan.

Presentation Description:

We are going to discover one of the way to become Project Manager and what the Padawan should overcome through this way answering the following questions:

  • how to complete the way of Initiate successfully?
  • where and how to gain required experience to start the way of Padawan?
  • where and how to meet Jedi Knights / Masters?
  • how to defeat yourself against Dark Side Adepts?
  • having completed the way of Padawan how to create own culture and build trustful relationships with Qui-Gon Jinns and others?
  • … and so many others ? Let’s meet and have a fun discussion!

In context of Project Management, I am going to cover the most challenging topics such as leaderships, building client relationships and teams, providing the required level of transparency, etc.
Hopefully, my way of Padawan is going to help you to come up with your Yoda way! ?