Cogniance, Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager at Cogniance. 5+ years of the managerial positions in IT, currently working on a Product portfolio with 80 engineers in Ukraine. Passionate about coaching and helping teams to become better, the best friend of a client. Ensuring that the best results can be delivered to the end customers.

Presentation Topic: How do we handle the Product development by 15 teams across 4 locations (or how have we applied LeSS and didn’t know about that).

Presentation Description: 

In my topic, I will share a process and project management tricks that allows us to successfully deliver increments for a Product by 15 teams simultaneously for over 2 years. We will also map our practices to the LeSS practices and will think if the missed ones are worth to be applied:)

We will talk about:
– The development and process metrics that matter (and about the ones that doesn’t);
– Strict rules, avoiding which would turn such huge Product Development to a mess (and about the ones which wouldn’t);
– The attitude and behaviour of a manager that drives all that up.