Director in OMEC

(мова доповіді – англійська)

Project and portfolio manager, experienced consultant. Responsible for development of OMEC portfolio of products and managing OMEC partner network. Co-author of an agile simulation game ‘Kinshasa – Agile African Adventure’. Reviewer of project management AgilePM handbook translation.

Presentation Topic: Using simulation game to start working in Agile style – Kinshasa Agile African Adventure.

Presentation Description: 

  • It is a common knowledge that the first thing in the agile way of acting during a project are such behaviours as collaboration, effective communication and taking responsibility for the decisions made. While the agile specific tools or frameworks can be learnt from books, video clips or courses, changing our behaviour and reducing anxiety is not so easy. Before we become a “battle-hardened agilers” we have to train ourselves somewhere. The best way is to start from a safe controlled environment such as a simulation game.
  • Using the game will be very useful in preparing teams and organisations for working in agile style. Safe environment of the sim may reduce stress related to new situation, by eliminating sense of insecurity, improving communication among team members and learning agile mechanisms. Visualisation techniques are going to help in overcoming the fear and emotions will naturally help to tame the unknown.