Kira started her career at Dev-Pro as a QA of, gradually rising to become the General Manager of this business.

During 2015 she applied her wide practical experience in Project Management (she is PMP), Business Development, Sales, HR and company operations first as Deputy COO Ukraine and then as COO of Ukraine. In addition to leading Operations, Kira goes forward with her work on setting up and streamlining the processes related to project managers’ education and development.

In 2017 she led PMP preparation club at Dev-Pro and initiated new processes of PMs’ engagement in internal PM community of Dev-Pro.

Presentation Topic:  Learn and share experience by Dev-Pro: how to develop PM community inside and outside.

Presentation Description: 

The topic will focus on the best practices of Dev-Pro and its managers on the development of internal (inside the company) and external (in Kharkiv) PM-communities. Attendees will understand how they can personally or/and with the support of their companies develop their own professionalism and help others in the community to do the same.