CPO at Dev-Pro.net

Galina has been with Dev-Pro.net since 2011, the very beginning of its existence. She experienced all stages of company development: from a small IT family to one of the outsourcing leaders of the Kharkiv region and now an IT business with multiple offices all over Ukraine.

Personally, she has risen from Recruiter to HR Director to COO and later took over the role of CPO (Chief Process Officer). She has been involved in the establishment of the HR Department and the training of the Dev-Pro recruitment team. One of the important processes she’s been streamlining on different stages of the company growth is Performance Review process which influences company professionalism level increasing at the whole.

She will talk about Performance Review process evolution at Dev-Pro depending on company size at her Lviv PMDay speech. Join the event to get our best practices.

Presentation Topic: Performance Review Process Development at Dev-Pro.

Presentation Description: 

The report will focus on the development and evolution of the Performance Review process, depending on the size and needs of the company.