Імя: George Avramescu

Компанія: Vulpoi & Toader Management, Business Development Director

Більше про доповідача: Romanian born, British educated, George has built a 10-year successful accounting career in UK crossing paths with City of London heavyweights. His cost savings obsession has propelled him among the youngest financial educators in London shining in the corporate world with his signature presentation named “Getting on the Property Ladder aka Saving for the Big Thing”. Being a true believer of “Earn More, Give More” philosophy, George got involved in various charitable projects including working closely with Chance UK as a child mentor aiming to enhance children’s strengths and self-esteem, and supporting them in coping with their challenging behaviour. George is currently a senior consultant for a host of London BPOs as well as Head of Eastern European Markets with The Currency Account in London and Business Development Director at Vulpoi & Toader Management in Bucharest.

Тема доповіді: Identifying and handling destructive habits and behaviours in a working environment

Більше про доповідь: At least one bad apple can be found in every bunch, easily spreading disease even in the most healthy and organised companies. Personal problems, stress, fatigue, and negativity, they can all contribute to one’s behaviour generating a toxic working environment filled with heavy plume, very difficult to breathe through and difficult for the good people to stay. Do we fire? … Do we punish? … Do we cure?