Founder, Williams Technical Ch.Republiс

Fred is a specialist in the implementation of Agile in large companies. He deals with three topics: collection of requirements, documentation and sabotage of projects. He worked in such European IT companies as Zoom Technical, IDC, Kit Digital, Sitronics Telecoms Solutions. For the last 16 years he has been conducting his own consulting practice of Technical Williams and training, teaching managers to properly maintain documentation and implement Agile. Advises companies in Germany, Sweden and Central Europe.

Тема майстер-класу: “Developing Valuable Products”

Тези майстер-класу:

Fred Williams introduces a simplified method to create and share valuable requirements for building products. By asking simple questions about WHO will use your products, WHO will pay for your products, and WHY they should want your solutions, you can test for value before investing time and resources into development. This hands-on workshop helps your visualize your customer needs, define the value you propose, and understand how to integrate Agile methods with real world environmental constraints. Fred is a practical, entertaining, and enthusiastic trainer who keeps the whole room engaged and contributing to the workshop. Be prepared to participate.

Тема доповіді: ” Workplace Sabotage: Understanding, Detecting, and Preventing Sabotage.”

Тези доповіді: 

Fred Williams is a military veteran, world traveler, and software developer. He has shared lectures on workplace sabotage for the Global Scrum Gathering, AgilePrague, NYUP/CVUT, and companies including Avast, Barklays, and Ceska Sporitelna. This entertaining presentation helps you understand the motivations, techniques, and effects of workplace sabotage. Through commonplace darkly funny examples and honest discussion, the Workplace Sabotage presentation explores why people commit sabotage, how to detect it, and how to prevent sabotage from undermining your work.