Co-founder and CEO at Getlocal, Iceland

(мова доповіді: англійська)

Einar Gustafsson is an experienced product leader who over the past 15 years has helped some of the world’s largest banks drive experience design, innovation and development with a special focus on financial data, online banking and travel.

In 2016 Einar co-founded Getlocal, a startup in traveltech that is building a personalization and matching engine based on clustered graphs of local advice.

Before founding Getlocal Einar served as VP of Product Management with Meniga, one of the world’s leading FinTech solutions, currently serving over 40 million people in over 20 countries.

Prior to joining Meniga Einar spent the past seven years working for Íslandsbanki as Executive Director of Global Internet Strategy and Development Manager of Internet banking & Web.

Einar co-founded SVEF, the Icelandic Web Industry Association, and was chairman from 2009 to 2013. SVEF host the Icelandic Web Awards and organize the IceWeb Conference.

Einar spends most of his spare time as a home barista in pursuit of the godshot using his Quickmill Vetrano and Mazzer Super Jolly.
Occasionally he will post something about design, innovation or coffee on his blog

You can follow Einar on or connect with him on LinkedIn

Presentation Topic:  Taming the dragon and slaying the princess.

Presentation Description:

In this tale of modern day knighthood, we will take a journey through distant lands where danger lurks and great peril awaits those that do not set clear strategic goals whilst ascending on the roadmap of success.

In this epic story we will come across multiple stakeholders such as frustrated villagers, screaming elves, angry giants and annoyed wizards in a mission of taming the dragon and slaying the princess. It’s also about taking control of your backlog, building a strategic roadmap, working with key stakeholders and keeping the boss happy.