Антоніна Скрипник

Product manager, SoftServe

10 years in financial services, enterprise crediting, and investment projects management 2 years in product development.

Shaping SoftServe business offering for clients of financial industry segment (BFSI), driving BFSI Lab accelerators’ initiative at SoftServe.

Presentation Topic: Developing technological products, leading business and managing R&D initiatives – cultural diversity, insights and experience of Israel technology hubs.

Presentation Description:

  • Israel is definitely in the top list to be named when thinking of innovation, science, R&D activities and tech inventions changing global market landscape.
  • At the speech we will uncover reasons that influenced creation of a unique business environment, entrepreneurial mindset and tech product development practices known as phenomena of Israeli Startup nation.
  • We will overview common requirements of Israeli innovation incubator and accelerator programs to potential candidates (owners and product development teams).
  • And also will talk about a few interesting cases of Israeli creative problem solving to give you some inspiration in your product development practices.
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