Head of Financial Services Lab, Product Manager at SoftServe

11 years in financial services, enterprise crediting, and investment projects management 2 years in product development. Shaping SoftServe business offering for clients of financial industry segment (BFSI), driving BFSI Lab accelerators’ initiative at SoftServe.

Тема доповіді: “Blockchain, AI and R&D in developing business cases for Financial Services.”

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Pump up your Project Management competence by mastering Product management expertise Thesis: To be an efficient project manager just managing client’s projects is already not enough. Full stack project management requires bringing high value to client’s business by deep understanding of business needs and pain points, and is a new must have for a successful delivery.

Want to enhance your Product Management Expertise to be a better Project Manager for your client? Come to talk on how we leverage Product Management Expertise to develop business cases for edge cutting products in Financial Services, that turn to be ice breakers in business relationship with our clients.